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Get 10% Off Your First Paint Order With Code: PAINT 10

Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper

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Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Remover is a quick and simple to use product that makes the stripping all types of wallpaper including the dreaded woodchip fast and easy. Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper is concentrated so just add water for a cost effective solution to removing wall coverings

DIF Wallpaper Stripper is an easy product to use thanks to the products enzyme action for speeding up the penetration of the old wall paper resulting in fast and easy removal of all wallcoverings. No more need for dangerous steamers or messy water and sponges, DIF does the job much quicker and with far less mess!

With DIF wallpaper remover,  wallcoverings can be stripped quickly and reliably. DIF is different from any other wallpaper remover solution on the market. It is the only one that contains special enzymes – a unique, patented formulation with a superior, more effective blend of wetting agents that speeds penetration of the wallpaper and resolubilization of the paste.

Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper
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