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Get 10% Off Your First Paint Order With Code: PAINT 10

Wagner 311 Hea Pro Tip

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The new HEA ProTip airless spray tip from Wagner. Unlike other 'low pressure tips' which need very specific pressures the Wagner model is very user friendly working from 1000psi upwards.

The new Wagner HEA ProTip airless tip provides a perfect surface finish at reduced spraying pressure, compared to standard airless technology the spray pattern is gently feathered and free from edge strips. Also when you purchase a HEA ProTip you also receive the matching gun filter and a double seal with the tip. The HEA ProTip is 100% compatible with Wagner professional tip guards and all current pump models. Up to 55% less overspray with maximum control The gently feathered jet spray ensures better coverage with overlapping of the strokes and avoids hard edges. Re-rollering of the sprayed surface is not required.

Fatigue-free working, low-pressure spraying ensures low gun recoil allowing particularly smooth and fatigue-free working. Reduced coverage efforts as the work required to achieve coverage, especially for indoor projects, is reduced. Long service life. Like all Wagner spray tips the robust nozzle design made from carbide and the lower spraying pressure means the nozzle experiences less wear, this is why HEA ProTip nozzles can be used up to twice as long as conventional airless tips.
Wagner 311 Hea Pro Tip
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