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Get 10% Off Your First Paint Order With Code: PAINT 10

Rustoleum CombiPrimer Anti-Rust Primer

Original price £22.60 - Original price £40.75
Original price
£22.60 - £40.75
Current price £22.60

Rustoleum Combiprimer Anti Rust Primer to prevent rust and corrosion,  and prepare surfaces for CombiColor Metal paint.

Rust-Oleum Anti-Corrosion primers contain rust-inhibitive pigments and are lead and chromate free. 

Aerosol versions are available for smaller areas. 

CombiPrimer should be used on new or rusted steel surfaces to provide and enhance protection against corrosion.

The product is primarily intended for brush application and can also be applied by roller and air spray.

CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion should be used in general industrial exposures, normal humidity and interior applications and should be recoated with CombiColor Metal 7300. The products contain rust-inhibitive pigments and are lead- and chromate free

Rustoleum CombiPrimer Anti-Rust Primer
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