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Get 10% Off Your First Paint Order With Code: PAINT 10

Protek 5ltr Stable Coat Clear

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We offer Stable Coat in a clear un-pigmented formula for use as a top coat for stables and timber buildings that have been previously treated and require a water-proof finish. Our Stable Coat Clear can go over coatings to give improved water repellency without getting a deeper stronger colour that more coats of a coloured wood stain would give.

Some stables and timber buildings are pressure treated with a preservative because people feel this will give their stables a longer life, unfortunately normal timber preservation does not give your stable any protection from rain and the timber in your stable can let water through. This can lead to visible damage and a damp stable for your horse.

Protek Stable Coat has been specifically formulated for the exterior treatment of timber stables and animal housing. A high quality water-based treatment that is easy to apply either by a brush, roller or sprayer so large areas may be treated quickly and economically.  Stable Coat is a water-based micro-porous coating that uses next generation nanotechnology to deliver an extremely hydrophobic finish that will prolong the life of your timber stable.

Protek 5ltr Stable Coat Clear
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