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ADS were one of the first stockists of OSMO when they entered the UK market. We quickly realized the potential of these high quality products that beautify and protect natural timbers.

Osmo Polyx-Oils are produced from natural oils and waxes to deliver the most long lasting and sturdy protection for wood floors and furniture.

The wood’s genuine attractiveness is achieved through the use of Osmo Polyx®-Oil. The focus on the wood’s grain and organic qualities offers a warm and vibrant result making sure that any kind of interior will look lavish and stylish. Every timber possesses its own style and distinctive appeal, and is enchanting from the first look.

Please call us for advice on use and application of OSMO products.

Products we stock:

Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 clear satin 750ml, 2.5ltr

Osmo Polyx Oil 3062 clear matt 750ml, 2.5ltr

Osmo high solid wood wax colours   750ml , 2.5ltrs


Rigorous cleaning and surface rejuvenating

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner is primarily created for preliminary cleaning, from time to time rejuvenating and upkeep of timber floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Sourced out of all-natural plant waxes – regenerates and cleanses the surface area simultaneously. It is simple to make use of and enables a fast and cost-effective application. It is ideal for getting rid of substantial or persistent staining.

Key Information

Product code: 3029 Clear, 3087 White

Approx. coverage: 80-100m²/L

Drying time: 30-40 minutes

Sizes: 0.400L Spray, 0.500L, 1L


Washes and regenerates simultaneously

Eliminates difficult stains like oil and shoe polish

Preserves protected areas without wear of treatment

Simple to use for occasional use

Supplies the timber with organic hard waxes, without developing a film on top

Great for household and industrial use


Unique cleaner for standard usage

Osmo Wash and Care is a one of a kind care concentrate for timber and cork floor surfaces treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Equally appropriate for varnished, natural stone, vinyl, PVC and many other waterproof areas. It is very efficient and water soluble for fast, simple and comprehensive flooring upkeep – even for substantial and high traffic spaces. The flooring area ends up being protected from soiling and moisture.

Extremely efficient cleaning

Preserves covered areas without wear of treatment

Simple to use for frequent use

Moisturises the wood’s surface area to keep up freshness

Appropriate for household and industrial use

Ideal for all timbers which includes exotic hardwoods

Product code: 8016

Approx. dosage: 1 cover cap per litre of water

Drying time: Mop to dry

Sizes: 1L, 5L


ADS carry extensive stocks of the Sadolins trade range of wood preservers. For advice please call: 01604 232141

Sadolin Classic Wood Protection

For all exterior wood including decking

Exceptional wood absorption

Ideal base stain for new wood

Sadolin Classic Wood Protection absorbs deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection against the weather. This product is particularly effective on large areas of timber such as cladding, fascias, decking and rough sawn timber. It is also ideal as a base stain on new joinery which is to be subsequently treated with Sadolin Extra. Not suitable to use on surfaces previously coated with a medium/high build coating.


Multipurpose woodfiller

The grain of a tree is really a one of a kind finger print of mother nature: The even and stunning surfaces of Osmo Woodfiller maintain this unique nature. Osmo Woodfiller is a non-acryllic and water-based versatile edge-filler, wood, putty, crack filler and sanding sealer in one. In contrast to the majority of woodfillers, it can be sanded down easily whenever you want following drying out, and it’s really quick drying – inside of around half an hour. Non-flammable and non-toxic, heat and freeze-proof, won’t split, reduce in size, sink or drop out.


Sadolin Extra is a durable woodstain for all softwood and hardwood apart from decking or areas subject to heavy wear/abrasion. It is particularly suitable for joinery such as doors and windows, where its flexible nature and water repellancy provide long lasting protection. For optimum durability on new wood, the use of Sadolin Classic as a base coat is recommended, particularly when treating hardwoods.

For windows, door and conservatories

Tough weather protection

Exceptional durability


For windows, doors, conservatories and cladding

Exceptional durability, up to 8 years protection

Self-priming and undercoating

Sadolin Superdec Satin is a water-borne, highly durable opaque finish for cladding and exterior joinery. Sadolin Superdec erodes naturally by weathering, thus ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking. Sadolin Superdec Satin can be applied to new and previously painted or stained surfaces, and is ideal for use where a complete change of colour is required or where the existing surface has become weathered and uneven in appearance. To minimise resin and extractive discolouration of the coating (particularly with white and pale shades of Superdec) a blocking primer should be used.


For windows, doors and other exterior wood

Rainproof in under 30 minutes

Long lasting colour

Sadolin Quick Drying Woodstain is a multipurpose 6 year woodstain, which colours, enhances and protects exterior wood around the home. It’s unique, long lasting and quick drying formulation offers the convenience of being able to complete your job in a day, without compromising on the performance or protection that you have come to expect from traditional woodstains.

There is certainly no question that wooden features can have a good effect on the ambience of your property. To keep your solid wood banisters, fencing, windows and furnishings looking good, Abington Decorating Supplies carry a comprehensive selection of woodcare products, every one of which is particularly selected by us because of its quality and price.

For external woodwork such as fencing, outdoor furniture and decorations, apply our professional external wood stains and varnish. These wood stain and dyes can help to maintain your wooden features from the most severe weather, preventing decay, bending and discoloration. To get the best results, use an external wood treatment regularly to prevent unnecessary deterioration. When looking at internal features such as door frames, door panels and cabinets, our top quality range of wood varnish solutions and products can help to keep your home looking wonderful. In case your features are presently somewhat impaired, use a professional wood filler to fill all notches before using the varnish or wood stains.

By taking care of your solid wood fixtures and fittings regularly, you can help to avoid the most severe impacts of daily deterioration as well as revive some items to their former beauty.

To learn more about our range of wax, polish and wood care products or other things in our wood care collection, search our website or pay us a visit in Northampton where you can find all the guidance, advice and ideas that you might want.

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