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Many rooms in many homes are far from ideal in their proportions and inevitably pose decoration problems. Problem shapes and sizes may be accentuated – presumably unwittingly • by the users of the rooms. Small bed rooms are often cluttered up with heavy, dark wardrobes and busy patterned carpets which increase the claustrophobic atmosphere of… Continue Reading


There are numerous ways of treating every type of window. The problem is how to find out exactly what you want, basing your choice on a certain amount of knowledge. Before we get down to the types of window dressing, here are a few general ideas; armed with these you will feel more confident of… Continue Reading


The organization of your home lighting can be a satisfying and interesting project. Too many of us take lighting for granted and suffer endless frustration because its arrangement is badly thought out. In general, lighting plays two important roles. Firstly, it is functional – that is, light is directed to where we want it when… Continue Reading


Floors take the hardest beating of any surface in the home. In the long run, economies on quality in floor coverings prove to be false economies. Always buy the best you can afford, unless you are aiming specifically for short-term or very light wear. You can save money by laying floor-coverings yourself but it is… Continue Reading


TILING YOUR WALLS Tiled walls have distinct advantages especially where cleanliness and hygiene are of first importance. While vinyl floor tiles can be used as wall covering, the two most popular materials are cork and ceramics. Cork has many advantages. It has the great attraction of being a natural material with much the same charm… Continue Reading


All over your home, there are large unbroken areas simply crying out for your own personal decorative treatment – they are, quite simply, your walls. Think of them as a series of huge ‘canvasses’ on which you are going to create your own ‘pictures’, however simple or abstract. SUITING YOUR ROOM If you are planning… Continue Reading


There is such a wide variety of straightforward finishes available to the home handyperson that special effects, achieved at the expense of considerable and painstaking labour, may seem superfluous. Paints are produced in vast colour ranges and many different finishes, while papers provide enough colour and diversity of pattern to satisfy most tastes. However, if… Continue Reading


Paperhanging is not too difficult if you have the right tools and equipment, work methodically and do not try to rush the job. For your first attempt, choose a medium-price, ready-pasted vinyl or fairly stout wallpaper. Cheap wallpapers tear easily when wet and you will not want to risk spoiling expensive paper. It is best,… Continue Reading


When it comes to wallcoverings, paper and paint are the most obvious answers. But what if you want something a bit different? There are lots of other things you can choose. You will probably have to spend both extra money and time on your special effects, but the result will be well worth it. Listed… Continue Reading


PREPARING THE PAINT First, get the paint ready for use. Wipe the top of the can and around the rim so that dust does not fall into the paint when you take off the lid. Lever off the lid with a paint can opener or stiff knife blade taking care not to damage or distort… Continue Reading