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Category Archives: Decorating


Many rooms in many homes are far from ideal in their proportions and inevitably pose decoration problems. Problem shapes and sizes may be accentuated – presumably unwittingly • by the users of the rooms. Small bed rooms are often cluttered up with heavy, dark wardrobes and busy patterned carpets which increase the claustrophobic atmosphere of… Continue Reading


Kitchens – possibly the trickiest rooms to organize in the whole house. But the most worthwhile, as research has shown that the ‘average’ woman spends about 3^ hours every day in the kitchen. THE PROBLEMS Firstly, every family wants different things out of their kitchen – the galley-type arrangement that suits the working couple will… Continue Reading


Conventional ideas about children die hard – none harder than the ones entertained by almost every expectant mother as she plans the room for her first baby. A nursery can be very pretty indeed but if you have to organize your home on a tight budget and have a limited amount of time to spend… Continue Reading


Today, in their homes, everybody is short of space. Large houses are expensive to buy, to maintain and to heat; and usually rate demands are exorbitant. So families are tending not to move as the children get bigger and more numerous. The spaces remain the same, but the demands on them are greater. Consequently the… Continue Reading

Storage Solutions

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ – this must be a maxim familiar to everyone. And although it sounds rather tediously tidy, it should at least be the aim of your storage strategy throughout the house. Whether you can get the family to conform to your carefully worked out systems is another… Continue Reading


EXTERIOR CHECK LIST For most of these jobs, you will need professional help. In particular, the inexperienced should avoid working at a height. You will find the following notes handy for briefing and supervising your builder. Make sure all work is done as specified. Builders often skimp on roofs in particular as they know you… Continue Reading


Choose nails which are around three times longer than the thickness of the timber they must hold, and always nail your lighter work to your heavier. To make strong nailed joints, drive nails in from opposite directions and bend the points into the wood; this is called clench nailing. Where joints meet at right angles,… Continue Reading

Glossary of DIY Terms

When tackling d-I-y jobs, the first major hurdle for the uninitiated is all the unfamiliar words and phrases used in leaflets, instructions, catalogues, shops and so on. Here is an alphabetical guide to some of them; the explanations to other puzzling terms are made clear within the relevant sections. To start with, we suggest you… Continue Reading


There are numerous ways of treating every type of window. The problem is how to find out exactly what you want, basing your choice on a certain amount of knowledge. Before we get down to the types of window dressing, here are a few general ideas; armed with these you will feel more confident of… Continue Reading

Preparing to paint

Preparation for painting or hanging wallcoverings is aimed at providing a clean, sound surface, free from major blemishes, so that the new decoration looks good and will last. It usually involves one or more of the following items: Cleaning Dealing with stains Removing old paint Removing old wallcoverings Rubbing down Filling cracks and holes Priming… Continue Reading