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Farrow and ball originate from Dorset where the company was founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball. They draw on the natural environment for their colour inspiration, and thoroughly test all of their paint batches before committing to tins.

There are over 132 colours to choose from in the Farrow and Ball range. They have both interior and exterior finishes available.

The Farrow and ball paints are named after local places and people in the county of Dorset.

Farrow and ball are known for their eco-friendly paints. They are water-based with very low odour and low volatile organic compounds. VOCs can damage the environment as the paint dries because the toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere. With water-based paints this is not such a problem so you'll also find them to be the choice amongst companies looking to minimise their impact on the environment. Farrow and ball don't use any solvents in the manufacture of their wallpapers either.

Because of the water-based paints that they produce, paintbrushes and rollers can easily be washed out with warm water after use which also cut down on the need to use environmentally unsafe solvents such as white spirits which are not only damaging to nature but also to the human body.

If you have children then their range of paints is especially applicable because the whole range of paints is approved and tested in accordance with the Toy Safety Standard. This makes Farrow and Ball paints ideal for painting children's rooms such as bedrooms, nurseries or even children's toys and cots.

During the manufacture of both paint and wallpaper, and also in showrooms and offices, Farrow and Ball are recognised by the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.

Types of Farrow and Ball paint

Estate Emulsion

Estate emulsion furnishes a chalky matt finish and is ideal for any ceilings and walls throughout your house. It has great depth of colour whilst being wiped the ball and eco-friendly with low VOC content. It is available in all of the 132 colours, is child and pets safe and quick drying.

Modern Emulsion

Modern Emulsion is a very tough washable matte finish which is both scarf and stain resistant. It is ideal for use in areas where there could be high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms or where damage to the wall surfaces anticipated, such as playrooms and hallways or other high traffic areas.

Estate Eggshell

This paint is a specially formulated for application on all interior metal and wood work such as kitchen cupboards, furniture, radiators, skirting boards, doors, etc. The durable eggshell finish is made sheen (20% sheen), being washable and wiper ball and available in all 132 colours.

Farrow and Ball Floor Paint

This has a very hard wearing semi-gloss finish which can be applied to any interior flooring such as wooden floorboards, concrete etc. This floor paint can be used on kitchen cupboards to give a more gloss finish to the estate eggshell. Please note that it is not suitable for exterior use such as decking.

It is quick drying, eco-friendly, has minimal VOC content and available in all 132 colours.

Farrow and Ball Full Gloss

This very strong, resilient traditional high-gloss can be used on both exterior and interior metal and wood surfaces. Being 95% sheen it can also be used to create interesting effects on both walls and ceilings. If you want to be creative, then you could use this on your front door to create a traditional elegant look or even apply to your garden furniture to add accents of colour. If you wanted to make something appear highly reflective, it could be used effectively on skirting and baseboards, dado rails, doors and window frames, and banisters.

Full Gloss paint dries into hours and is re-coatable in four hours. It is available in all 132 colours. It covers 9 m² per tin (750 mL).

Farrow and Ball Exterior Masonry Paint

This is a highly resilient, high-performance paint that has a flat matte finish and can be applied to exterior masonry surfaces. It is breathable and water resistant, and has a built-in fungicide. The breathability aspect of the paint enables it to fight damp in walls, and its flexibility enables it to resist peeling, chalking, cracking, colour fade and the blistering for up to 15 years. It has a very flat matte finish (2% sheen). It is quick drying, child and pets safe and is available in 107 colours. Aside from being perfect for Masonry application, you could also use it on garden walls, garden ornaments and flowerpots.

Farow and Ball Exterior Eggshell

This is a mid-sheen finish that is suitable for exterior softwood, hardwood window frames, railings, guttering, garden furniture, cladding, and other metal substrates. It is specially formulated for exterior use and is highly resistant to colour fading, flaking, peeling, and also has fungal and water resistant qualities. It is also breathable and can help reduce wood rot. It has a mid-sheen finish (20% sheen). It is child and pet safe and easily cleans up with warm soapy water. It Is Available in All of Farrow and Balls 132 colours. It is low odour and quick drying.

Dead Flat

This is an extremely flat matte finish which can be used on the interior metal plastering woodwork. It isn't suitable for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms or for furniture. It has a 2% sheen very flat matte finish, is eco-friendly and water-based with very low VOC content. It is available in all 132 colours.

Casein Distemper

This is a distemper that has been strengthened with added casein. It can be used on ceilings and plaster walls. It covers very well and is breathable. It has a very flat that finish (2% sheen), has low odour and is quick drying. Please note that it is not washable or wipeable.

Soft Distemper

This is a traditional distemper containing natural resins which provides an extremely flat powdery finish. It is excellent for use on find plaster work and delicate ceilings. It is available in 63 colours and is easy to remove, low odour and quick drying.


This is great for interior walls and ceilings and can also be used outside on walls of traditional construction. It has a very flat matte finish and is highly breathable. It is available in 77 colours.

We can deliver Farrow and ball paints to Northampton, Market Harborough, Olney, Kettering, Corby, Milton Keynes and Welingborough.

Farrow and Ball Paints use very high quality pigments, special resin binders and other special ingredients that produce an amazing depth of colour.

Farrow and Ball